4 Simple Signs Of Male Health

We present to your attention four simple, but reliable signs that allow us to say with great accuracy about the state of men’s health. Diagnosis by these signs is carried out regardless of the age of the man, but the greatest relevance is acquired in middle and older ages, when there is a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones and risks of age-related androgen deficiency appear.

We diagnose ourselves

  1. Lack of obesity. Diagnosing obesity in men is very simple – just measure the waist with a centimeter tape. Indications of 94 cm or more mean that the man has problems with being overweight.
  2. Normal urination. Normal urination refers primarily to the absence of nightly urges. Normally, a healthy man does not feel the need for nightly urination. This symptom alone is enough to suspect problems in the health of the urethra, which largely depends on the general condition of the body, the hormonal background of the man, and other factors.
  3. Normal sleep. In any case, sleep should last at least 7 hours. Chronic lack of sleep can have different consequences, because the body does not have time to meet the need for rest, failure can occur in any of the systems. However, the primary consequences of incomplete sleep can be observed in a decrease in sexual desire, mood decline and weakening of sexual function. Therefore, it is so important to ensure comfortable sleeping conditions.
  4. Desire and the possibility of sexual intercourse. Sexual function – a universal barometer of male health. For an erection, you need a number of very important components. Firstly, it is the normal level of sex hormones that is responsible for the occurrence of desire and arousal. Secondly, this is a good work of blood vessels. Blood to the penis comes mainly through small vessels and problems at this stage can be a symptom of other, more serious diseases. So, many doctors consider erectile dysfunction to be the first sign of cardiovascular disease. Thirdly, good nerve conduction – its absence indicates the development of neuropathic processes in the body. And finally, the absence of anatomical defects that interfere with sexual intercourse.

Diagnosis is not only the task of doctors to identify diseases of patients, but also of all people who want to spend their lives without diseases. Be healthy!