Types Of Push-Ups And Technique

Push-ups are one of the most effective and simple exercises with your own weight. Push-ups can be done anywhere and anytime. Push-ups develop triceps, shoulder, pectoral, deltoid muscle groups, as well as muscles of the press, back and legs.

Why are pushups useful?

  • strengthen muscles
  • cause moderate muscle growth
  • develop muscle endurance
  • make the body more prominent
  • develop speed-power qualities

Technique for performing various types of push-ups

Classic (regular) push ups

Loaded muscles: the load is evenly distributed on the middle region of the pectoral muscles, triceps and delta.

Technique: lying down, arms shoulder-width or slightly wider, legs brought together, the body is parallel to the floor, we keep our head along the spine without bulging or lowering. We lower the body to the lower point due to bending of the hands, having lingered a bit, we raise the body to its original position, keeping the body parallel to the floor. Do not forget about breathing: we drop – inhale, rise – exhale.

Wide arm push-ups

Loaded muscles: the load is more on the pectoral muscles, and less on the triceps and deltas.

Technique: arms spread wider than shoulder width. Returning to the starting position, do not straighten your elbows all the way to keep the pectoral muscles in tension.

Narrow push-ups (diamond)

Loaded muscles: the load is more on the inside of the pectoral muscles, less on the triceps and the front of the deltoid muscles.

Technique: hands are brought together so that the thumb and forefinger touch each other. Having descended to the lowest point, push yourself out to a starting position.

Head down

Loaded muscles: the load is more on the upper pectoral muscles.

Technique: the same as in the classic push-ups, only the legs are on the protruding support. You can use push-ups with wide and narrow arms.

Cotton push ups

Loaded muscles: train explosive muscle strength.

Technique: at the lower point of push-ups, push the body up sharply and make a clap with your hands. If it is impossible or difficult to do with cotton without cotton.

Push-ups on one arm

Loaded muscles: develops the shoulder girdle, all areas of the pectoral muscle triceps.

Technique: legs are spread apart, one of the legs is set to the side, concentrate the weight of the body on one arm, and bring the other behind your back. Perform push-ups. Push-ups on one arm is a difficult exercise, so many do not get it the first time.

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