What to do if He doesn’t get up: causes and solutions to delicate problem

Potency is of great importance for every man, therefore, for any violations and changes in work of “best friend”, representatives of stronger sex start to smoke nervously and only some of them run to doctor. Why guy isn`t worth member – it`s rather not a question, but cry of despair from both sexes.

We decide to disclose the reasons for lack of erection in guy about whom question was repeatedly raised at forum, but he advises to consult specialist, and not to be treated by reading articles on Internet.

Of course, there is nothing worse for man than to admit to problems with potency, and most of representatives of stronger sex blame their partner for not wanting to look for real reasons why you shouldn’t even turn to specialist for qualified help. However, this term in last decade hasn`t been applied in literature and is considered obsolete – instead of “impotence” they speak of “erectile dysfunction” or “erectile dysfunction”.

Erectile dysfunction is erection dysfunction in which volume of a man’s penis, its hardness and integrity aren`t sufficient for sexual intercourse. Learn more about problem of potency.

Why he doesn`t rise?

Recognizing the problem of “weak” erection of man is half of success. For example, if man had severe stress or anxiety before sexual intercourse, he got tired at work, didn’t get enough sleep, was irritated, there was conflict situation with woman or sexual incompatibility – this can cause man’s weakness. If these causes are eliminated, erection will be normal again.

Psychological trauma can also cause erectile dysfunction during sex. It`s not necessary fears and complexes associated with sexual relations. Child resentment, self-doubt, tightness, emotional turmoil of any nature – all this can affect men’s health, when man doesn`t get up at right moment. It`s possible to remove psychological barriers with help of psychotherapist or psychologist – in another way, such problems with erection of penis can be cured.

When husband has such problem and lack of erection is accompanied by itching, redness, painful sensations in groin area, discomfort during urination, inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms – cause of erectile dysfunction in venereal disease. Found similar symptoms – promptly contact your urologist or venereologist, who, after diagnosis, will prescribe treatment and help restore and improve male erection.

What to do if not worth?

To solve problem of erectile dysfunction, you can go in several ways:

  • To give up bad habits and smoking.
  • To experience means of traditional medicine.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Start eating right.
  • Drug treatment of erection.
  • Elimination of pathology due to which decrease in sexual function is caused.

How to strengthen erection – in order to achieve best result, approach to raising erection in complex way, don`t limit yourself to just one item, but combine them, “surrounding” problem from all sides, without giving it single chance.

So, you can significantly improve work of reproductive system by stopping smoking and drugs, minimizing use of alcohol. Special condition for recovery is proper rest – sleep at least 8 hours a day. Review your views on life: get rid of unnecessary stress (we are sure that more than half of problems surrounding you aren`t worth even fraction of experience).